Providing a regional forum for the hydropower industry


The Northwest Hydroelectric Association (NWHA) provides a regional voice for the hydropower industry, representing the needs of its membership since 1981.

NWHA is dedicated to the promotion of the region's waterpower as a clean, efficient energy while protecting the fisheries and environmental quality which characterize our Northwest region.

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2018 Annual Conference

February 21–23, 2018
Marriott Hotel – Portland, OR

See 2017 Fall Workshop Presentations on Event Page


2017 Annual Conference

February 22-24, 2017
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel
Portland, Oregon

2017 Conference Registration Open!

2016 Presentations


2017 Pumped Storage Workshop

February 24, 2017
This workshop follows the NWHA Annual Conference at the Portland Marriott Hotel. Registration is $25.

2016 Presentations

Hydro Associations Documentary

Interviews with the leadership of North American and International Hydropower Associations.

NWHA is a Contributor to the
Clean Hydro Add Program
Developed for the Industry by
Northwest River Partners