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Who Are We?

The Northwest Hydroelectric Association (NWHA) provides a regional voice for the hydropower industry, representing the needs of itsMountains and River Image membership since 1981. NWHA is dedicated to the promotion of the region's waterpower as a clean, efficient energy while protecting the fisheries and environmental quality which characterize our Northwest region.

NWHA promotes streamlining regulatory processes that encourage responsible development of the largest untapped hydro in the nation.

Who Do We Represent?

NWHA's membership represents all segments of the hydropower industry -- independent developers and energy producers; public and private utilities; manufacturers and distributors; local, state and regional governments including water and irrigation districts; consultants: engineers, financiers, environmental scientistImage of NWHA Brochures, attorneys and other consulting firms; Native Americans; and contractors. While the bulk of our membership is located in the Northwest, including Northern California, our membership also includes entities from other states as well as national and international firms.

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How Do We Represent Our Members?


NWHA reports to its membership on actions occurring before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other federal agencies and Provides input to the National Hydropower Association and other affiliates on Congressional issues.


Twin Falls, Idaho ImageMembers in each of the states coordinate their efforts before Legislatures, the public utility commissions and various state agencies to support the industry's objectives.


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NWHA provides Operations and Maintenance Seminars on an annual basis. Project operators share in-the-field experience and problem-solving techniques and tours of hydropower facilities.

Why is Membership Important?

Your support of your regional trade association provides you immediate access to industry information and enhances the impact of the Northwest industry in presenting issues from a strong, unified base to state and national policymakers.

Because we support you here in the region on issues that impact local hydropower development and operation, NWHA provides a unique service that complements your participation in national associations.

Through our publications, conferences, operation & maintenance seminars and other activities, we can provide you with pertinent local information to enhance your commitment to the hydropower industry--an industry key to the nation's energy future. Download and fill out the membership application.

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How Do We Communicate with Our Members?

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NWHA Web Site

News and information about hydropower issues are posted to the NWHA website as they occur, 24/7. Sign up for the RSS News Feed. Useful links to hydro-related Internet resources are presented.

Annual Conferences & Other Seminars

NWHA , with cooperation from FERC, has provided Northwest outreach programs annually since its inception in 1981. A 3-day conference, usually each winter, focuses on a variety of issues including, but not limited to, regulatory procedures, marketing, finance, mitigation, fish passage and technological aspects of project development.

The participation of regulatory agencies utilities and other project developers among a broad spectrum of national and regional speakers provides opportunities for education and networking. Member registrations are discounted for NWHA .

Topical Seminars

Pelton Round Butte ProjectAs issues become prominent in the Northwest, other seminars are offered from time-to-time. Past seminars have focused on such topics as compliance, Endangered Species Act Mitigation, fish passage and hatchery issues."



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